About SRA

Shooting sports for Reservist Associations (SRA) is a form of safe and active shooting sport. The sport is developed for reservists. The objective of the sport is to provide a shooting environment and rules framework that helps to develop and measure weapon handling and marksmanship skills.

To participate in the sport one must be a member of an association which is directly or indirectly a member of Finnish Reservist Sports Federation (RESUL), or which has been accepted as a collaborative organization by RESUL. The individual athlete must also have passed the ”SRA secure shooter”-course together with the weapon handling and shooting test included in the course which has been approved by the SRA committee. Participants under 18 years of age must, in addition, have with them a signed note containing the participant’s guardian’s consent for participation in the sport.

The participant must have a valid insurance covering the shooting sport.

SRA rules are to be followed in all competitions and practices in the sport under RESUL international, national, regional and association levels.

Eesti Reserväelaste Laskespordiliit is in co-operation with the SRA-Shooting organization Reserviläisurheiluliitto (RESUL). Currently all SRA shooters in europe share a common register of licensed shooters, that is held by RESUL, however Estonia has their own SRA register for licensed shooters.

Approved IFSRA articles of organization document can be found from here.