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Estonian SRA Championships were held in August 19th, 2017. You can view the results from Estonian Championships 2017 here. Estonian Champions are Andres Tamm (Open division), Taavi Tenno (Standard), Lari Manninen (Open/senior), Hannes Toodu (Open/7.62), Jari-Pekka Walden (Open/military), Sami Räisänen (Standard/7.62), and Sami Räisänen (Standard/military).

Estonian Championships 2017

The Finnish national championships for SRA were held on July 20th 2017. The combined results can be found here. The Finnish Champions are Teemu Rintala (Open division), Sami Hautamäki (Standard), Weixiang He (Open/lady), Pertti Karhunen (Open/senior), Mikko Vähäkainu (Open/7.62), Kim Leppänen (Open/military), Ilkka Kervinen (Standard/senior), Jussi Heikkinen (Standard/7.62) and Isto Hyyryläinen (Standard/military)

Finnish Championships 2017

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